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    Any good ideas on how to save extra money?

    Hi i work a part time job as a workstudy in a library unfortunately i only get paid once a month and its only 350 bux sometimes depending on how long the month is its alittle less. I do save most of my money but any ideas on how to have extra money. if someone understands me please answer. p.s. i do save coins but i was hoping for another option thanks
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    Open a savings account and place it all in their but for $40...make that money last for the month No daily coffee, No lunches out Pack you lunch Ask yourself before you buy anything DO YOU REALLY NEED IT? Resolve you do not need more than you have more than you can use...make do with what you have... Resolve that you will need the money some other time *(* save it!
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    • how

      by Star# - 16 hours ago

    • Private message me, I may have some ideas.

      by Hope! - 16 hours ago

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