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    Should I start a business?

    I'm pretty much losing my mind- I'm so bored! I'm still in high school and I want to start a marketing business online. I've researched starting one a lot... Basically to the point where I'm actually giving business owners advice on marketing, social media, and web design and hosting... And I've never done any of this myself and I don't have any type of marketing background. So should I start a marketing firm? By the way, I do have a job and I don't want to work for an employer once I'm done with my current job.
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    Hello Ted. I do commend you for the motivation and ability to give marketing advice at such a young age. If it's working for you, I'd keep at it. However I still recommend finishing high school and college before beginning this business full-time. There is much competition out there among marketing firms - to have a chance at standing out among them you need to have the basic 'requirements' in-place, which almost always include at least a bachelor's degree. Whether a bachelor's actually makes you a better marketer is up for debate, however it's a basic requirement that clients look for. Additionally, experience is another important aspect for clients. To scale your business, you'll need larger clients which means more experience. Catch 22, right? Well to get this experience you need to continue working for smaller companies, and even find yourself an internship at a marketing company. With hard work you have a great chance to become successful - just remember to play it smart as well.
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      by Cherri - an hour ago

    • Dear Ted Murphy there is lot of ways to earn online , but all the ways need some kinds of marketing. If you avoid by marketing then you must have adopt a one single method and make it your aim and carry on it. If you can invest then there is lot of website that will work for you. Once again there is lot of methods, but i can not share all the methods, i have just one straight idea thats link i am sharing with you i have just adopt this methods. All the details lie in this give link. Further more, you must have consult to a online marketer who will help you more.

      by Farhenit - an hour ago

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