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    Should i go back to school or should i try luck in life? I have only one chance.?

    I Left school cus me and my fam left the country and went to live in Germany. Because the situation in Italy was terrible we had no money and i was studying stuff that i hated. As we came in germany i had to go to the language school to learn to speak german. After the language school i stoped going to school i literally went around the city to make new friends cus i had none. Slowly i started to hate school and the same time i saw the potential of a good job after school. But at the same time i informed my self about the life of people who became rich. I came out with this question. Shoul i really sell my life literally work from 9 to 5 a job that i will most likely hate just for money? Then i realized angain that i had to go to school in orther to get a good job. Then i thought again, If i have only one chance or better said YOLO should i try to have money without sworking from 9 to 5? I mean, I hate school and i hate even more going to work where everybody gives me stuff to do and command on me. DO you think is stupid if i burn everything, i literally burn the boats and try to make money in a way that i prefer with free time and joy or i should just follow the path that everyone follow and realize that i am not special and if everyone work from 9 to 5 i have to do it to and stop thinking that i can make what other could not make? I'm seriously sad about life is soo sad sometimes.
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    First of all, going to school will prepare you for the real world. But if you choose not to go, find out what really interests you and find a job in that category. Find a trade school and apply there to get your education. Not all jobs are 9-5 and don't knock them as they provide the means of getting what you want. You are the only one who will have to go thru your life so choose what you love. Hope this helps.
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