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    I cant pay for the item I won on Ebay because I changed my mind on the item what do i do?

    Its shoes worth just 30 dollars. if i dont pay it what will happen? Will there be any legal trouble?
    a year ago 7 Answers

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    write the person who is selling it and tell them they will understand
    a few seconds ago

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    • What you did was irresponsible. No, you can't be taken to court but you will get bad feedback and your rating will go down. The right thing to do is to pay for the item and if you don't want it, you are well within your rights to turn around and sell it on eBay - as a seller with a 100% rating.

      by ? - 8 hours ago

    • Oh, so after the seller took the time to list it, paid a listing fee AND a $3 final value fee, you just want to walk away. Here's to the seller filing the non-pay strike and getting you kicked off of eBay. As a seller you know better.

      by NA - 8 hours ago

    • If you can't pay simply because you don't want them... that's ridiculous. If you really can't afford it you shouldn't of bid. Message the seller and tell them to cancel. Otherwise a case will be opened and if you don't pay a strike goes against your account and most sellers block people with strikes on their account so you can't bid or purchase from most experienced sellers.

      by ? - 8 hours ago

    • well you are screwing the seller over because he paid ebay a fee to list it and then when you bought it he had to pay another fee so if you don't pay him

      by Erin - 8 hours ago

    • no but they may message you i been in the same situation they were rude at least the person that had the item you will get a warning from ebay if you dont pay it

      by John - 8 hours ago

    • look up the distance selling regulations in your state you may be able to return them within a specific time or decline them

      by Harley Drive - 8 hours ago

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