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    How much does ebay take off when you sell something?

    And how much do you get to keep?
    a few seconds ago 3 Answers

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    Check your ebay site. There are a lot of rules for new and old sellers. Listing an item could be free, depending on the starting price, depending on category, depending on the listing features used, different fees for auction and for buy it now price. When an item sells, there is a final value fee which is 10% of the total price (price of item plus cost of shipping) It also cost you to use the method of payment that ebay allows. Paypal charges you around 3% of the total cost.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • It's .30 listing fee (unless free) if you sell something for $26.00 they take $2.60 and paypal takes some too. There is a fee on your shipping charges if you don't do free shipping. There's a fee calculator if you Google ebay fee calculator and then Google paypal fee calculator.

      by ? - 10 hours ago

    • It depends and you need to check on your own local eBay site. In general, you pay a small fee to "list" your item (that is, offer it for sale)

      by Erin - 10 hours ago

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