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    Name for a restaurant?

    So my family bought a restaurant, and my dad want's to name it to what ever will bring the most customers. The restaurant will mostly make rice, beans, stew meat, french fires, chicken, beef, etc. The available names are : Lake Lindo Kebab Lake Lindo Grill Lake Lindo Barbecue. Please be honest and write whichever Restaurant YOU will go to. Also, Lake Lindo is the town will the restaurant is.
    a year ago 6 Answers

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    The shortest name is what sticks best. Lake Lindo Grill.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Actually your restaurant is in the city of Lakeside, which does have a lake called Lindo Lake. I'd think you'd have more success with your type of cuisine in El Cajon.

      by YVETTE - 14 hours ago

    • Lindo Bin Do. Serving Middle Eastern food.

      by John - 14 hours ago

    • Free Food! - that will bring in lots of customers. otherwise, kind of depends on how you are going to prepare and present the food. Each of the 3 words gives out a different meaning. P S ... sorry, but none of those names appeal to me. {And I think Americans are, as a whole, going out to independent diners less and less - except for the lunch crowd.}

      by SumDude - 14 hours ago

    • i'd drop the "Lake" part and just go with "Lindo Grill"

      by kylie - 14 hours ago

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