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    How to ship body jewelry in the mail?

    I'm sending a friend some belly rings and such for her birthday - but how can I ship her these items? What packaging do I need? Can I use an envelop or...?
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    The following information relates to using the services provided by the United States Postal Service (USPS). While the flat rate pricing is firm, use the USPS Calculate web pages to confirm the First-Class Mail rate for your destination. Included are some possible prices depending on the weight of the padded envelope package mailed using First-Class Parcel postage. http://postcalc.usps.com/ First-Class Mail® Parcel Customer supplied small padded envelope four ounces - $2.50 five ounces - $2.68 six ounces - $2.86 seven ounces - $3.04 eight ounces - $3.22 nine ounces - $3.40 ten ounces - $3.58 Priority Mail® 2-Day Padded Flat Rate Envelope - $5.95 USPS supplied padded envelope Dimensions = 12-1/2 inches by 9-1/2 inches ----- Priority Mail® 2-Day Small Flat Rate Box - $5.80 USPS supplied box Dimensions = 8-5/8 inches by 5-3/8 inches by 1-5/8 inches ADD'L... To secure the jewelry being sent, suggest placing the items into a small closable plastic bag and/or wrapping it in layers of tissue paper for protection. Just insert the tissue paper packet into the padded envelope. Seal the padded envelope, address the package, and either place Forever postage stamps, currently worth 49 cents each, on the envelope and take it to the Post Office branch near you for shipping (too thick for blue collections box opening) or take it to the Post Office branch near you for postage and shipping. With postage already adhered, you could just hand the padded envelope to the USPS postal carrier. The big box office supply stores along with some of the discount stores like Dollar Tree sell padded mailing envelopes in a variety of sizes. These can be used to mail the wrapped jewelry, providing the protection of a light weight padded package. http://www.dollartree.com/Jot-Bubble-Mailers-6x9-2-ct-Packs/p320413/index.pro
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    • You are another person asking how to use the post. Seriously do you not know the simple basics of you find a box big enough for the items, add some protection for the items such as bubble wrap - use quality packing tape to seal the box - then take the package to the post office - and have them sort the rest.

      by Captain - 7 hours ago

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