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    What would you do in this type of situation?

    I specialize in this thing and I worked at a company before that needed someone who had my skills. I then had to resign for personal reasons after 5 years of working for them, but I became independent and my supervisor at the company asked if they could still continue doing business with me so I said ok to that, of course. I have a Facebook page and I do post my stuff on there so people do see what I do. One guy who I've known for the past 16 years and knows a lot about me and what I do asked me if I could do this thing. So I texted him back saying that I'm willing to help anytime. Since then, he's asked me 3-4 times if I could really do what he wants me to do. He was very persistent and he asked how good my skills were and etc. I'm not sure whether I'm taking this too personally but I was pretty hurt. It sounded like he was actually doubting my skills and hesitant about asking me to do what he wants so I replied back to him with a one-liner saying that he should just consider asking some other professional (he does have someone else helping him from time to time). There are clients who trust me and I do the work for them and they are pleased with it. I'm not sure I feel good about doing work for someone that just is hesitant about asking me and doubts my skills. How would you take it?
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    he has a perfect reason to be skeptical. Why did you not volunteer what your company does? and how you determined what amount to bill? do you guarantee your work? DO you ask to be paid at delivery? Give him an example for free.
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