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    Will you let a 20 yr old man in your house?

    My nephew is starting his own business in vacuuming & polishing peoples houses including other cleaning jobs. He is 20 years old, will women really let a young man coming round there house?
    a year ago 4 Answers

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    No! He has to be 22 years old
    a few seconds ago

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    • most high end cleaners are male. It would be rare to be able to find a lady that can polish stone or even use the equipment. so yes, people will let him in their house. more importantly though, why aren't you supporting him? he is your nephew. even if you think its a bad idea you should support him.

      by John Williams - 18 hours ago

    • As others have said, plenty of cleaners are male. The cleaner for my last apartment was a man in his 20's, he ran a pretty good business doing it too.

      by Thor - 18 hours ago

    • Boy.... People sure do ask the dumbest questions nowadays.

      by Kyle Aiden - 18 hours ago

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