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    I want to start my own automotive consulting firm, what is the best way to start it without leaving my job at the dealership?

    I have been in sales for quiet some time, for some reasons I have never been happy being an employee, I believe I can do better by starting my own business. I don't like going to school but I like to read a lot and I love spending countless of hours in the Internet learning new stuffs. I have owned a few businesses outside the U.S., however laws in the U.S. are different and we have many more regulations here than elsewhere, I want to start a.s.a.p but I do not want to leave my job as a Sales & Leasing Consultant with one of the biggest dealerships in the country. I have quiet some ideas on helping consumers and I believe I have an opportunity to make a difference and be successful. Does anyone have any idea (based on experience)? I live in Norfolk, Massachusetts. Let me know...
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    you're probably not going to be able to do that as your employer is likely to consider it a conflict of interest (worked w/ someone who did this. the dealership fired him when they found out. on the plus side for him, it forced him to make a real effort to make his business succeed)
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    • It's quite likely that your current employer will view this venture as a conflict of interest and fire you if you do it. Consider that very real possibility into your plans.

      by Cupcake's Princess - 13 hours ago

    • Automotive consulting is a honest and viable business no matter what falsi fiable says. Take your idea and do some research on it. Use an alias so you can keep your current job until you build your empire. A lot of people have no time and are not educated on the car buying process. You would be a valuable asset to them.

      by Sherry - 13 hours ago

    • If you reject school, you're not likely to go very far. It is doubtful you have any honest ideas to help consumers in a legal way that don't already exist. I walk into dealership and pick the car I want then get factory financing at 3% or less or use my credit union. What brilliant idea could you possibly have to make it better for me? I read automotive consulting firm and think another bottom feeding parasite trying to skim money out of a simple transaction while providing nothing of value to either party.

      by falsi fiable - 13 hours ago

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