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    What to do about harassment in a small business?

    One of my coworkers has been verbally harassing me for the past two weeks. He has made derogatory comments, yelled at me in front of customers, and continued conversations (of a non-sexual manner) when I told him I was uncomfortable with the subject. I have asked him to stop with this behavior multiple times, yet he carries on. It's a small restaurant with six employees and an owner, so no HR. The coworker who has been harassing me has worked here far longer than I have, and has know the owner for several years. I've been here for over eight months. I decided to bring the issue up with the owner tomorrow morning because the episode tonight was starting to get out of hand. If the owner doesn't take any measures to stop the harassment, is there someone else I can go to? I can't afford to quit this job for the next few months.
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    That person is trying to get you to quit. Would you consider taking court action against the person if the owner doesn't act on it?
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    • If the owner refuses to do anything you could threaten to file a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. They regulate employee rights and stuff. The owner would not want to hear from them

      by ? - 8 hours ago

    • What Brady says is accurate. Go to the owner/manager first. Talk CALMLY with them about what you're having happen to you. Ask what measures he/she will take to stop it. Ask for a timeline in which this will be handled. Be patient. Once the timeline has been reached, if nothing changed, talk calmly with your manager/owner again and THEN tell them you're going to file a complaint with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over this. Then do it. Do not quit, that will go against you on your next job. If you are let go you can file another complaint for discrimination, and on your next job application you put that it was retaliation for notification of continual harassment against you on the job.

      by Elaine M - 8 hours ago

    • I have had a similar experience. Mine was much worse than this, but I found out that there are always jerks wherever you go. I would just ignore him and not talk to him and eventually he will stop if he is not given any attention. If this does not work, still just ignore and tell the owner about your concerns. The next day will not be as worse as before and things usually work out so do not let this ruin your day there are way more important things to do.

      by Nick - 8 hours ago

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