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    Can i buy power supply adaptor from other company for my product. sell it with my product without legal issue?

    I am planning to open a small bussiness, I am going to sell a product which I will make. however, my product will be needing an power supply adaptor to work. Since I cannot make power supply adaptors on my own can i buy it from other company or shop and sell it with my product. Will there be any legal issues with the adaptor making company? Can i do this without informing the other company or without any tie-ups. Thank you.
    2 years ago 1 Answer

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    You will always bear the primary responsibility for any injury or damage caused by your product, which is why you will want to carry a lot of products liability insurance coverage. If someone is hurt or their property damaged by your product, they will sue you and your insurance company will defend or pay. If they pay, they will then look at what happened and if it can be traced back to a defective component you purchased from another manufacturer then they will go after that other company to get back the money they lost on your case. But the consumer doesn't care about who you bought what from; they will expect you to make good on their damages and it then becomes your problem to recover from someone else if possible.
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