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    Where to I go online for survey research on specific jobs?

    I am working on a schooling plan and need to submit some market survey research for my financial assistance. I need to research the number of people who are hired in the field in which I will be receiving training and provide incomes for the area I live in. Also need to find average salary and benefits available. Is there some sort of website where I can find out the information?
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    Start here: http://www.bls.gov/cps/demographics.htm Be more specific and less secretive if you want better information. The information you're looking is already compiled by city or county or occupation. No need to pay someone to do surveys. Wikipedia will give you local per capita incomes and poverty rates by city. I believe some of the job hunting sites provide the data you want by occupation. I can't remember which ones. However, its important to realize that even the best available data sets are only rough estimates due to the difficulty of getting representative samples of large population sets. For an undergraduate project you should be fine using these resources. Here's a basic example of what google turned up for "mathematician salary" for the state of Arizona http://www.recruiter.com/salaries/mathematicians-salary/?id=mathematicians&statewages=Arizona
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