how to do things on my own?

I have just found an old friend on facebook i havent seen in 10 yrs I am afraid to go out on my own because of the bullies that live next door. I want to change my life now but I have always been scared of new things even people I havent seen in ages how do I not worry about all the things that could go wrong and think positve? I wouldnt know what to say to her my old friend I am 28 and the same with her I dont know how to overcome being nervous with change I am a dissability pensioner and have no friends only i live with my mum and 3 dogs. I have trouble making new friends because i'm frightened they may turn out to be a bully too?

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what you should do is just ignor the bullys if you can if they get to you tell sombody bullys are just thoughs people that want to make everyones life feel like hell and they want everyone to be misreble... if you dont want to be misreble then just walk by them and if they say somthing messed up just keep walking and dont evan look at them... and bro if you want to email me go for it ill be happy to talk to you when you are down

5 months ago