Why are some of my items not showing up on ebay?

I have 17 products listed for sale on my ebay account and only 11 are showing up in my store. Why? They are revised/listed and have one week left before they end.
@ Nicolle: No. It's just one page and it even says "11 items for sale".
Only one product listed as unsold that I knew about (I didn't count it with the other 17 items for sale).
Nope. I put all of them on at the same time. They're all ending the same time.
I appreciate your help. It really does mean a lot.

I only saw 11 for sale on my profile and when I clicked "See all" only 11 products showed up. That's how I noticed. I had them set for a month and didn't even realize that for the past three weeks only a few of them were showing. =(

Only one email notification about one of the products I had up for sale so not much help from them.

Thanks again for your quick response and help, though. =)

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1. Ebay could have removed inappropriate items.
2. You owe Paypal money and they limited your selling ability.
3. You didnt look at the second page of your Items that are listed.
4. You are a new seller and they limited your selling until you get positive feedback.

6 months ago

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are they on the next page?

edit: have some been classed as "unsold"? In "My Ebay" under the sell section of the main account - are there any there under any other category?

edit:: are some of them (maybe accidentally) been scheduled to sell at a later date rather than immediately?

edit::: and they're not on your main account or the store? i'm not sure why that has happened :/ did you get an email for each item you listed? maybe you can follow the link from the email to see if you can find it?

sorry I can't help more :/

by Nicolle Evans - 6 months ago