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    How do I fire a client without ruining my reputation?

    I have a excellent reputation with all of my clients, and I don't want one bad apple to spoil it for me for potential new clients. I have bent over backwards to accommodate this woman, but it seems to never be good enough. I have been dealing with her for a little over a year now, and people that know her even tell me to fire her. After having my second disagreement with her today in the past 2 months, I have just about had enough of wasting my time and energy on her when I know I could replace her in my schedule with someone else. She has given me the run around in the past multiple times, and is just a difficult individual. This is not the type of situation where I want to write a letter or email. I have no problem saying it on the phone or in person. The words become hard to find when talking to her because she becomes so rude and I get irritated. Any suggestions?
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    Do it by letter and send it via certified mail. Keep a copy of the letter you send and the certified mail card where she signed that she received it in her files. She will probably call to complain. Keep the call short and don't let her monopolize your time. If other people know her reputation, don't worry if this one person bad mouths you a little. People will ignore her. Everyone in business occasionally deals with a difficult client. I deal with over 400 clients each year. I have learned that I can not please everyone of them and still keep my professional integrity.
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    • Well you said so yourself she's giving you the run around ! And if its messing up other clients then they'll be glad and if your reputation is good then you need good clients think of it this way she might be already mucking up your reputation

      by Lindsay X3 - 2 hours ago

    • You don't say what type of business is involved - maybe you could suggest that as you are not able to satisfy her needs it would be better for all concerned if she consulted a different consultant

      by Ted C - 2 hours ago

    • You don't fire a client. They fire you. As accountant (for example) CAN'T FIRE A CLIENT. Just write to her with something along the lines of " blah blah blah, we will no longer be prepared to handle your account, or accept your instructions. I would suggest you make an arrangement with another firm" or whatever arrangement you have with her.

      by STEPHEN - 2 hours ago

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