How do I tactfully tell my coworkers what they did was dumb?

I created a program on Excel for work that was supposed to be something we had that the competition didn't. Now one of my coworkers has basically given it away to one of the insurance companies we represent (I found out after the fact). If the company actually uses it, this means they'd have to share it with all the others representing them (aka our competition). This bothers me because A.) that was MY weeks of work they just handed over and B.) the whole point was so we had something unique. How do I tactfully talk to them about how what they did was dumb? Also, am I wrong for feeling like they should have said something to me first since it was my program?

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Tell them you would like to talk to them. But not upset. And just say I thought we were going to be able to use this to befit us so we could grow our business. What does she think? Let her see her mistake. Then ask her how you can go from there to better your business. The mistake has been made how do you move forward and not make any more mistakes like that.

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First, it was your employer's program, not yours.

However, since it was your employer's program, your colleague had no right to give your employer's intellectual property to a client without the company's permission.

Talk to your manager or supervisor about it.

Hope that helps.

by Donald - 5 months ago