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    Hi If I bid something on ebay do I have to pay inmediately or can I wait a week??? (I am new at ebay)?

    Hi I am a collector and found something on ebay for my collection but I can't buy it right now because I am from Mexico and the item only ships to the US and so I can't go right now to the US because I am in school right now and don't have vacations and so The item doesn't say buy now but It only says "Place Bid" and so the item ends on November/22/2013 that's like in 2 days and I will not go in 2 days to the US for the reason I mentioned and I have emailed the seller and he said that I place a bid right now and that he will be waiting for payment until december 5th thats the day I said to him that I probably buy it but I am not sure If I can buy the item that day so my question Is if I place a bid right now and don't pay in december 5th what could happen to me??? (I really want the item so badly for collection and its from 2007 probably they will never make it again). thanks for answering I will give 10 points to the best answer.
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    The worst that can happen is that you will receive a "non-payment" strike against your account with eBay. eBay is not legally binding when you agree to buy the item, but it's best for everyone if you only commit to the item if you know you can make the payment by the time they allow, because otherwise it just wastes the seller's time where they could have been trying to sell it to someone else.
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    • You sound like a child, and children are prohibited from using eBay and Paypal at all. If the seller said s/he is willing to wait for weeks to get a payment, then go ahead and bid. I personally would have blocked and ignored you -- like most sellers, I'm not there to make friends, I'm there to do business and get paid. I'm not interested in any buyer's sob story. If the seller comes to his/her senses and decides s/he wants money and not games, s/he can open an unpaid item case against you as soon as the 24th and close it as soon as the 28th. If you get two unpaid item strikes, every seller on eBay can block you automatically for a year..

      by GinoParisian - 16 hours ago

    • Once you are the top bidder and the auction is over you pay right away, they can't send it to you if you don't pay, and they expect the winning bidder to contact them within 24 hours.

      by Elaine M - 16 hours ago

    • you have to wait til the auction is ended

      by . - 16 hours ago

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