Can you answer my eBay selling and USPS question?

I shipped my sold item for $350. It states notice was left at door and buyer has 15 days to pickup from the post office or it'll be shipped back to me. Well how is this fair? Once eBay gives me the money I'm not obligated correct? I did my part if he doesn't pick up the item from the post office why should I have to do anything else and I should keep the money.

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I've had this happen to me before but it wasn't through ebay, just my home business. I told the customer they would need to pay additional shipping if they intended to receive the item.
Do you have a phone number that you can contact them with? I know on occasion, paypal will list a phone number...

5 months ago

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Because if the item is shipped back to you, you can't keep both the money and the item.

by NA - 5 months ago