How to deal with a forgetful boss and unorganized boss?

Lately my manager has become VERY forgetful and unorganized. It seems to just get worse and worse as the days go by. She loses emails all the time that I usually have to resend to her at least 3 times. She holds meetings with our top accounts and does not recall what was discussed so many things get slipped through the cracks. She is also late to meetings with our top accounts. She assigns the same assignment to different people and then forgets why she assigned it. Every week I email and also hand her a hard copy of my to do list for the week which include goals and key action steps but then she ends up forgetting and asking me about every other hour what am I working on. She has schedule meetings and then forgets to show up. The tough part is she has a micromanaging style but it is hard to deal with someone like that when they forget many of the details. Many employees have the same concerns as I do.

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It's time to sit down with your boss and discuss this. You are doing everything you can to make sure your boss has all the information about what you are doing and when you are doing it. Keep COPIES of all these memos and schedules--and try to see if there is a second-level supervisor or liaison with whom you can also sit down and discuss the communications difficulties you are having with your boss--and who will act as a mediator so the discussion doesn't get out of control or hostile.

There may be a reason--stress at home, menopause, or some other physical problem that causes her to be like this--and if so, then she deserves your loyalty and understanding--but if the work can't get done because of it, something or someone has to help you out with this situation. It would help if you could get a group of the concerned employees to approach your boss gently and in a non-emotional, friendly way to sit down and talk about the problems. Maybe you should organize this.


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