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    Anyone hear of Organo Coffee MLM money making?

    My sister has gotten sucked into an MLM program that sells overpriced instant coffee called Organo Gold. She came home a month ago after a 'meeting' telling me how much money she'll make, up to $50,000/month, in this MLM. And then went on about the coffee company buying her a black Mercedes Benz. For 2 hrs I sat and listened to her and she sounded brain washed. I bought a box from her web site. What a rip off... $35 + $14 shipping!!! For 20 packets of instant coffee. I mean geese who in their right mind is going to pay that. Then she went on and on about how good the coffee is because it's got some kind of magic mushrooms in it that cure skin deseases and cancer. I feel sorry for her. She had to spend a few $ to buy a 'starter kit' and she has to buy the coffee up front. I went to her house today and found crates of the stuff stacked up in the garage. And she's drinking it constantly! Why...so she gets commission. Quite frankly it tastes like, well, instant coffee. I told her I thought it was a scam but she went off on how much $ people are making. So far she's made $0. Zero. Nada. Zilch. The OG company just makes $ off her!
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    I seriously doubt it because almost every MLM exploits countless people. The only MLM folks making serious money are either very early investors and those who find enough friends to exploit. If you are part of an MLM and don't believe you exploit members that you recruit, let me ask you this: Why won't you let the friends that you recruit buy from your upstream provider just like you? Other than getting them started, you offer little of value but take a large chunk out of their sales. In fact, your upstream provider takes a large commission from your downstream sales team, who probably never even know who is your upstream provider. Your upstream provider charges your downstream for no legitimate reason. If you don't see this as exploitation, by all means jump right in.
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    • I'm a huge coffee fan and I would NEVER buy that crap. You're 100% correct. It's a rip-off from start to finish. Keep an eye out for illegal business practices and report those assh*les if you get the chance. What's more, they are being investigated by the FDA and USDA, read and watch here: http://www.krgv.com/news/coming-up-tonight-trouble-brewing-investigation/

      by I believe in Healthy Fur - 17 hours ago

    • Your sister is at least trying to improve her life financially and help others in the process. It takes a lot of courage to approach family members and friends about any business. Family members and friends are often harsh, critical and judgmental. It is easy to go to work and exchange hours for dollars. She is at least taking a risk that many others are too scared to take. There are plenty of people in any business that are very successful because they learned to ignore negative and unsuccessful people. If she is like a lot of people in MLM, she has a desire for time freedom, spending more time with family, helping the communityy, and doing nice things for you. She also simply be sick and tired of being sick and tired. She is not doing anything illegal. She is working for a legitimate company that sells a legitimate product. You don't have to like her business or buy her products. However, at least support her. Now, don't get me wrong. It will take consistency, dealing with rejection, learning new skills and patience to make money. Sometimes people take many months before they start making money.

      by Mr. Seacret (Chris) - 17 hours ago

    • There was a company going around where i lived called verve it is exactly like that. EXACTLY the same setup except it was an energy drink. Don't get sacked into it, just support her and don't tell her I told you so. Everyone gets so overwhelmed at the thought of making all that money and getting a BMW or something fancy. The real part is that 95% of the people that join will make around 1000$, 3% will make like 30k, 1.9% will make like 10 and the last .1% will make a Jillion dollars because of all the people signing up. No one steps back and looks at the real break down of the companies. Also they will alllll tell you how great it is and you don't see the picture, a couple months later they realise. Sometimes people never realise though :/ there is potential but, it is rarely reached.

      by kaleb - 17 hours ago

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