Ebay Question: Can I use second offer on a bidder who hasnt paid?

I'm looking at the winning bidders feedback and it says buyer never pays, the buyer never paid, and won it yesterday. I know people can take time but I usually get a message. It says I have second chance offer option but I dont know if I could use it for this situation? I dont want to deal with the unpaid item process and then loose another high bid, if I re-list it. Any help and can I do this?

5 months ago - 2 answers

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After 2 days, you can file the unpaid item dispute. Once you file that, feel free to do the SCO.

Having the same problem, I manually sent an invoice as a reminder and will file an unpaid item dispute on Wednesday. I really wish sellers could leave feedback that isn't marked positive!

5 months ago

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I had to wait 12 days, opened a UPI after 7 days and no responses to at least 4 emails/messages. Guy eventually paid for it, but I had the thing for two weeks and had to send it to him. I've left ebay, they charge too much and it's just not worth it for the seller anymore. Used it years ago, they seemed fair then...not anymore.

by Ariana - 5 months ago