what kind of store could I open?

I live in a small town and I'm wanting to open my own business, but I'm not sure what would be a good idea. This town had a movie store, a wal mart, a library, a theater, etc. I'm wanting to open a site but I don't want anything that has toys. I have thought of a pet store and an adult store but I want some other ideas. Please help thank you. Also even though we have a farm store I was thinking of a pet store because the closest p lace to get mice or crickets for exotic animals is about 50 miles away. I just need some other store ideas though. Please and thank you

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Every small town is different. You said HAD those things. They're gone or still there?
With Walmart near by, you'll need to specialize. Are you near
Lots of nature? Biking? Bike store? Is it a place people come, tourists during winter or summer?

One thing that tends to do really well no matter, Ralph's ices, ice cream. What about a service...Taxes, a place where small business, at home workers can go to use an office space. I think they call them virtual offices? You supply space, desks, printer, phones for additional cost etc. They rent space per month, they bring their own computer.
We have a Ralph's ice that is open for 8 months of the does so well, they are able to take 4 months off to do other things.

Good luck

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(1) a store thrives on customers, without them you have an empty shop draining your bank account

(2) a store thrives on volume of sales to pay for, salaries, rent, electricity etc

factor in 1+2 then you store may celebrate its first anniversary

by oopsoohooh - 5 months ago