how do you print out and invoice for an etsy customer?

I had just gotten an order yesterday, and I have no idea how to do the invoice that most people put into the orders when the item is mailed. i'm an etsy beginner. can you please help?
maybe I should say, how do you make an invoice?

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You don't need to "make" one. Etsy does it for you. At the top of the page, find the "Your Shop: (shopname)" blue link. Mouse over that, select "Sold Orders". That will show your latest SALE. On the RIGHT side of that, click "Receipt" and at the top of THAT page, click "Print Gift Receipt" or "Print with details", whichever you prefer. You also can use these pages to print a shipping label, if you know how much your package weighs. Very convenient!

5 months ago

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use your printer

by kemperk - 5 months ago

Could you please tell how could I get an invoice for etsy fees (like listing, percentage for purchase)? I would like to add it to my monthly costs, so that I could pay less income taxes.
Thank you

by Gintare - 2 months ago