Is it a good idea to work in parents' business?

Hi, my parents own a hotel and they want me to work for them by being an administration at the office desk and I am not sure about it. Do you work in your own parents' business and or would you prefer working elsewhere? Please answer answer peopel thanks.

5 months ago - 4 answers

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There's nothing wrong with working in your parents' hotel. I would do it if I had a chance to.

5 months ago

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i wouldn't. but some would.

by b - 5 months ago

Just do it long enough to add it to your resume, be sure they keep it professional while at work you know like not asking you for details if you call in to take a day off a d stuff like that. Business is business and family time is separate, good luck.

by latin-spice84 - 5 months ago

do it ONLY if you are passionate about it, otherwise,
seek your occupational passions elsewhere.
parent's have good intent but that is a way to slow sales
and profits.

businesses work off staff passions!!!

by kemperk - 5 months ago