What are the things I need to start a airline business?

Can anyone tell me what all stuff I need to start and airline business

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A partner with lots of money that he would not mind loosing would be my first answer. Without this no airline is possible.

5 months ago

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I have to ask. What kind of airline?

You need permission (which is bought) to use runways, you need an airplane (easily 50m), you need staff (maintenance, pilot, on-flight crew, lawyer etc.)

I'd say to just manage and fly 1 Boeing 767 is $60.000.000 investment plus at least $100.000 a month.

If you just want to own a hangar and have cropdusters and Sessna's stationed in it, basically renting out parking space to small aircraft owners. You can be done for like $3m and $10k/m

by Harry - 5 months ago

Well first already be a multi billon dollar company owner or a multi billionaire with a gift for business, then you need to be prepared to risk it all!
Airline businesses cost so much . There are better ways about it

by ? - 5 months ago