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    am i getting scammed on my sale on ebay? someone help me ASAP?

    the buyer made me an offer which was too low so I didn't take it. I was mostly worried since this is a new buyer with no feedback. I do not want to get scammed and I am also a new seller and this is my first sale. he ended up buying it and its a phone, I will be sending out the phone later today but he didn't pay it right away. he bought it last night and payed it this morning, is that a sign of a scam? also, since I am a new seller I cant get my money right away. if I request a check from paypal, it should take a week or two right? on paypal it says completed but funds aren't available and that I might have to wait 21 days. is this legit or am I getting scammed? I am new to this. help ASAP PLEASE.
    a few seconds ago 1 Answer

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    Several mistakes here. I wish people would read through Ebay before selling. 1. Never ship an item until payment is cleared in Paypal. 2. Never go outside of Ebay to make a deal. If someone wants to buy it outright, end your auction listing and put up a Buy It Now listing with a set price. 3. If you dont go through the Ebay process, and ship the item, buyer can claim he did not receive it and you have no help from Ebay. 4. You wont get any money from Ebay for 21 days, even if you request a check. 5. Buyers dont pay immediately, they dont have to. 6. I would cancel the transaction if he does not pay in a few days. You can always call Ebay if you are not sure about payment.
    2 years ago

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