whats the difference between a receptionist, an office assistant, and an administrative assistant?

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Receptionist meets people coming into the firm to do business, notifies the person that they came to see of their presence.
Office Assistant is a secretary that helps everyone in the office.
Administrative Assistant is personal secretary for someone. Her duties involve that one person only.


7 months ago

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Receptionist answers phones, routes calls and greets people. Usually they are the people who you first see when you enter a building. Office assistant's help with filing, faxing, typing. Administrative assistant is a higher level, they are usually the secretaries to managers, vp's and the ceo's of the company. Administrative assistant is just a newer and more modern word for secretary.

by Abby - 7 months ago

In a small business there will probably be quite a bit of overlap in duties of all 3 of these jobs. covering each others lunch or break time etc. A receptionist does a lot of phone work. The others may be assigned to certain employees and are expected to dedicate most of their time to them.

by at1time - 7 months ago

Receptionist duties normally include answering the business phones & greeting visitors. The office gatekeeper.

Office Assistant is what was better known as the Office Clerk. All around help in an office.

Administrative Assistant is what used to be called a Secretary.

by Barkley - 7 months ago