Business License in Multiple cities? Home Inspecting?

I am starting a hone inspection company soon, and have a question about licensing.

The area i intend to work in has multiple cities within the county. I want to work in all of them since they are all so close to one another. Do i have to get a business license for each city?? Is there another way? Your help is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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It depends.

Most municipalities license business based on "face to face" interaction. So you would of course need one for your base city. However, if you go door-to-door to drum up business, a "peddler's license" is required for compliance. Related concept, but different - is the need for a food truck to have a business license for each jurisdiction that it stops and sells within, even if they have the County Heath license and the cities are all in the same county as cleared.

Since most HomeInsp sales/consults are contracted over the phone or website; the base city bizlic is fine, but you must indicate/publish a single fixed location for all marketing materials seen by prospective customers. Latitude is generally given if registration is required and this was the initial infraction for a neighboring city AND you currently have the base city bizlic... otherwise, expect the noncompliance tour of penalties.

Good Luck in your new business!


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