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    Does an employee have to answer a customer asking if he/she is the owner?

    I get asked this all the time, "Are you the owner?" The question is often made randomly while I am explaining a product or service. I find it very irritating but I try to answer with a polite, "No sir/no ma'm." However, there are some customers that don't drop the question. Is this harassment? If it's clear they are not going to purchase anything, do I have to answer them? What's even worse and that it makes me a little paranoid is that I've had phone calls only asking me who is the owner. This happened again yesterday. The customer just came in and asked what type of sales we did. He didn't ask about our products at all. Then he quickly switched topics and asked my co-worker if she was the owner. I stepped in and told him that we were closed and that he had to leave. Though he was rather rude to my co-worker, I feel so guilty for telling the customer to leave and for refusing to answer the question.
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    As far as I know, there's no legal obligation to answer the question but there are different ways you can handle it. Obviously you should be as polite and as friendly as possible. If they ask I suggest saying something like "No, is there something I can help you with/do you need to speak with them?" or saying they're not in or not available right now. If they are being relentless about it tell them when the owner will be in and tell them they can stop by/call and ask for them
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    • Just say no you're not. It's not that big an issue. Many small businesses have the owner there in the store - people ASK because they are interested if there are any job openings, or if the owner buys items locally (they may make items to sell) or for any number of other reasons. They're not doing it with the intent to annoy you.

      by Elaine M - 6 hours ago

    • Unless you're doing something illegal or doing something in your job wrong, I don't understand why you can't just answer them by telling them who the owner is. I see nothing wrong with that question

      by L.F Overthrow - 6 hours ago

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