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    Starting a Drunk College Kids Taxi Service?

    CLearly I didn't know how to title this question... Well I want to start a service where I (a sophomore in college) offer to drive kids to and from parties on the weekends. I've seen time and time again instances where someone will claim to be the designated driver at the beginning of the night and by the end of the night, will have given in, and will be one of the most drunk out of the whole group. Seeing as how I don't drink, I think this would be an opportunity to help kids out (possibly save lives) and make some extra cash. Do you think I can do this? Any tips are much appreciated. P.S. I have a very entrepreneurial spirit and don't look forward to having a "real job" so this is where my idea is coming from. :)
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    When I was in the military they had a program that was kind of cool. So lets say you and I don't drink. Well someone calls our number on the weekend and says they need someone to drive them and their car back to where they need to go. So you and I drive over there in the same vehicle. Then when we get there you hop out and get in the guys car with him and start driving with me following behind you. We all arrive at the destination and you hop out and get into the car I am in. Everyone is happy, no one died, and we made money. It is important to take the cash first before you go. It is also important to make sure that the driver leading is not leaving the one behind. What you can do is make some business cards and start handing them out. 90% will be thrown away but 10% will actually call you. You don't want to charge them too much but you do want to cover your cost and make some money. It is also important to state that there cannot be any stops other than to the gas station if needed.I hope this helped.
    2 years ago

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    • Get a job at an existing cab company. Or rather get a franchise agreement where you use your own car, but have their radio in it. If that is too much like a real job for you, just make business cards and give them to students at parties. And in any case, carry Clorox and paper towels in your car so you can clean up the puke after your customers.

      by ? - 10 hours ago

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