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Would you use a simple & free online toolset to create pages if you could self promote (like an online Resume) or promote your services (such as a start up business, a band, or artwork)? The pages would be hosted for free. You would also get a friendly URL to give to potential clients or to share on other websites.

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Probably not. Most "free" tools like this are incredibly amateurish, or they contain spyware/malware.

8 months ago

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No. nothings free - its going to require more of me and my time.

by G-Man - 8 months ago

Yes but once you get enough money I would try having a custom site built rather then choosing from a list of templates. Your site will be the first thing your clients see and if it looks generic or cheap so too will your business.

by Mark - 8 months ago


by John D - 8 months ago