Naming my new small business with a misspelled word?

Thinking of business names and I'm thinking of misspelling a word,
Is it ok to misspell a word or it's quite informal?

8 months ago - 3 answers

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It'll make it harder for people to locate you online. It use to be that people looked in the phone book to find numbers and addresses, and everything is listed in alphabetical order making it easy to find you.

With 90% of people using internet to locate a company.. It'll make it harder for someone to find your company online if it's misspelled.

8 months ago

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yes, it is OK. In fact, you can name your business using any combination of characters. it doesn't even have to be a word.
after all, it's your money on the line.

by Stinky Felix - 8 months ago

I suppose it depends on the business.It can be new fresh and chic you know but it really depends.I supposse if you bringing in a younger audience or nothing to. "Stuck up" lol I don't see a big deal with it.

by Butterflied - 8 months ago