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    Someone had won my item on ebay but I don't wanna sell it to them how do I get out of it?

    Hi someone has won my ebay item but they haven't paid, they sent me a message saying they want it sent to Portugal (from UK), I've checked their ebay feedback and there's lots of people warning saying they have you change things and don't ever pay, I don't wanna sell to them, how do I get out of it?
    a year ago 1 Answer

    Best Answer

    They will not pay because it's a scam. After 4 days of non-payment, you can file a claim with eBay. There will be an investigation and eBay will give them a chance to pay. When they don't, eBay will file a strike against them and you will be release of all responsibility. Do not ship anything until you receive confirmed payment through Pay Pal only. Then, only ship to the address listed on the Pay Pal account. NO OTHERS!
    a few seconds ago

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