Which way would be the best?

I am creating a social network that I want to become large. The thing is I don't know if I should make it an LLC or not. It will eventually be large and I would be open to selling it sometime in the future. Any thoughts or suggestions? If I need to give more information then I will. Just ask.

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You do not need a business license or LLC or anything else to star a website, or sell stuff online, you just need to declare your earnings, and pay you taxes (this is in the USA)

A DBA (doing business as) or LLC simply allow someone to write you a check that you can deposit and cash that is not your name. If you want to start a painting company, and your name is John Smith, and you paint a house, they write you (John Smith) a check and you cash it, no worries, but if you want them to write the check out to "Legal Star Painting" or whatever, you need a DBA, as you are doing business under another name, or LLC, or be incorporated, or whatever.

8 months ago