What type of business license do I need?

I plan to have an Onsite Drug Testing business, what business license do I need? I'm DOT certified, been doing it for 9 yrs at my job. Now I want to have my own onsite business.

Thank You for your help...
There will be no sticking needles, simply I will go to companies and collect the sample and send it to the lab, no big deal, I think.... I'm DOT and BAT certified, just need to know what business license do I need? Tomorrow I will get my DBA, at the Harris County Clerk.

Thanks for your help....

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If you are sticking someone with a needle then you better check with the local health department. Otherwise check the city and/or county for their requirements. I take it you are sending the samples out to an independent lab so they may help in getting you set up as well.

Would suggest you get some liability insurance as well.

8 months ago