Wanting to sell items on Ebay, but don't know how it works...?

I already have an account with Ebay, as I buy many things off the website however, I am curious as to how one sells something on Ebay.

Does Ebay charge me per month to sell on Ebay or per item?
What percentage of money do they take out of any items I sell?
If my item doesn't sell, do they still charge me anyway?
Do they charge me more if I choose to sell an item for 15 days as opposed to 6-7 days?
If I put up pictures of the item does that cost me?

I'm clueless as to selling items on Ebay so any advice beyond what I asked would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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They don't charge monthly. They usually let you list for free, but pay extra for premium features (like bold font in the search results). You don't pay for anything if the item doesn't sell. If it does sell ebay takes like 9ish percent of the money. You also have to pay fees to paypal as well.

Generally expect to lose about 15% + a couple dollars in fees after you sell something. Paypal deducts their portion automatically, but ebay bills you at the end of the month. Make sure you have the money in your paypal account to cover ebay's fees or else they will pull it from your bank account and it might come as a surprise.

Also always purchase your shipping labels from ebay. They will not release your money until the buyer receives your item. If you print the label from ebay it links the tracking number and you get your money released when it arrives. If you don't, you are at the mercy of the buyer to give you feedback (also it takes a lot longer and they could just lie and say it never arrived).

8 months ago