Question for men and women.need advice. will this turn out bad?

I work in a small office run by a man. There are 9 women working there. All women,except the boss. I was invited to a party. I am being told that one of my co workers is not invited. It will be kept secret from her till the day of the party. That day the office will close an hour early and she is working that day. We are all supposed to meet at the restaurant down the street. The boss said he will POST a sign on the door saying the office is closed for the party which is a babyshower/going away party. She will know she was the only one not invited as even the boss is going (who is going to post a sign about it).

I feel uncomfortable about this. Has this happened at your work? How would you take it if it were you? What should we exspect? Do most people care if they are not invited? I think they know she would and that is why they hide it?

What do you think?

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This coworker has to have a clue something is going on. Its really up to you whether you want to go or not. If I was the coworker staying behind I wouldn't care if I was invited or not. If I was the coworker that was invited I wouldn't go. I don't believe in hanging out w/people outside of work ESPECIALLY if they are intentionally leaving someone out. That's just vicious-not nice at all.

8 months ago

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I think you should stand up for her, judging by the info I have.

by medzthemedik - 8 months ago

I would ask the boss why he's not including everyone in the party. If he doesn't have a decent answer (such as she's agreed to stay and man the phones for extra wages) then I'd talk to her about what's happening. She has the option of coming. And you have the option of not going to it, as protest of their actions.

Heck yes someone would care immensly to be left out of an entire office party.

by Elaine M - 8 months ago

Ask the boss directly why she is not invited and tell him how uncomfortable it makes you feel. Be honest. You might as well know what kind of person you are working for.

This behavior from a "boss" is so unprofessional. On a personal level, it is rude, inconsiderate, unkind.

by Barkley - 8 months ago