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    Im 16 and i want to start working to get my own money?

    Hi, i am 16 boy and i want to get money of my own to be able to spend it on whatever i want... I am good in maths, computer and quite friendly. Good looking and nice body. do you know of any jobs that i could take in order to get good money and start to use it myself? thanks
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    Coffee shops and restaurants are good choice because you can often get tips. General labor jobs such as gardening or carpentry helping are nice because they generally pay well and help you keep toned. Office jobs are tough for a young person to get, but they usually pay well, and they look very good on a resume. The bottom of the barrel, but the easiest jobs to get, are customer service jobs at franchises like McDonalds or the Gap. While they tend to pay poorly, they look very good on a resume. Good luck.
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    • Your english is not the best hahaha jk (maths) try applying for subway , napa, anything really just apply

      by CGC xXSMALLSXx - 18 hours ago

    • try starbucks

      by Kinzey - 18 hours ago

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