What should I charge as a contract graphic designer?

I am currently working as part of a company, and since I am moving to another state, they would like to keep me on board as a contract graphic designer working 40 hours a week. I would then open my own business as a result. I currently make $30.5 an hour, but I realize that the rate as a freelance designer would have to go up quite a bit to a range of about $45 to $50 an hour. Is this a reasonable offer for them?

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As a general rule, you can be sure your employer was billing your time out at twice or three times what they were paying you. In order to have the same net and lifestyle, an independent has to make at least twice an employee's hourly rate. For starters, I'd bill at least $60 or $75/hour. For a major account, like a fortune 500 company at least double that or $150/hour. If you are not billing out as much as your local car mechanic, you are grossly under valuing the job. The biggest mistake freelancers make is to under value their own work.....especially at the beginning. If you have experience and a great portfolio, don't sell it short or you'll be making zero for a long time.


10 months ago