What business can I start with a Associate's Degree in Human Services?

I have a Associate's Degree in Human Services. I have been working with kids and adults for over 5 years. I would like to start a business using my Associate's Degree in Human Services. What businesses can I start in my field with the current education that I have. I am in the state of NC

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You could start the following businesses with your degree:

Senior living facility
Health maintenance organizations (HMOs)
Nursing homes
Group homes
Anything that deals with helping people. If you plan on opening a business in a market that is highly competitive, then due consider taking additional business, management and marketing classes.

A message to other posters:

Although a degree isn't needed to start a business, it is recommended. You will have higher chance of your business succeeding with a degree versus not having a degree.

10 months ago

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You should get a business degree if you want to start a business.
I don't even know what human services is. Do employers?

by Go with the flow - 10 months ago

Since when do you need any degree to start a business?

by Ryan M - 10 months ago

You dont need any degree to start a business and you should think about some business classes if you want to start one.

by Casey Y - 10 months ago