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    Question for ppl experienced with ebay/shipping...?

    I received a shipped item from someone with a COD on it. I had already paid for the product, plus a shipping charge. No where in the order does it mention a COD. Since I have no shipping experience, I dont know if this was intentional, or if there is anyway that could have been an accident. Im not willing to give a poor score for someone who f'd up, but if they were lowering the price to scam me later....ill do it! i will click that "Neutral" experience button! If needed...I paid a COD of $2.xx for USPS shipping on a womens small top <trying to convey how light it was>
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    It may be a import charge, did the product from from outside your country? It may be a shipping edit charge (this is where you gave the seller wrong address so the shipping companies need to charge for the correction) - this happens a lot if you forget to say like "appartment 2a" and only give street name - in this case USPS will charge extra when it gets to you. It may be a handling charge, or shipping correction from the seller themselves (if ebay calculated $16.45 but the seller paid $18.65 they might charge you the extra $2.20) or the seller might have a % or small handling fee due on delivery. It may be a dropship COD charge - this is where usually the seller with state in the description you will get an additional charge (usually not from the seller if the product is dropshipped from another company)
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    • Did the package have any original postage on it? If so they may have gotten the weight wrong. All the same you only pay what shows on the listing or on the invoice if they did not list a shipping price. You will have to email the seller and see what they did. If they sent it COD on purpose nail them to the wall over it.

      by Roddy - 9 hours ago

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