Am I really an independent contractor?

I did some research and have asked a question on here about it. I am a Dental Assistant and at my first job I was classified as an employee and had taxes taken from my check. Now I am at a new office still as a Dental Assistant and they insist that I am an independent contractor with them and take out no taxes not even Social Security. However I read about what being an independent contractor consists of and I did not relate to anything on that list. I don't schedule my own appontments, send someone in my place if absent, or buy and use my own materials because I am an assistant. I work with the Dr. and I work according to the schedule that THEY give me. So how does that make me independent when I work based on their rules and policies? Or did I miss something because my gut is telling me that I am being misclassified, so is the research I have been doing, and a few tax people I have asked too.

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simply put = u getting screwed.

you in no way are an independent contractor.

you work in an industry that does NOT use I.C.s

you are an employee.

TELL them to start correctly paying u
OR u are contacting IRS for them to tell
these people the Truth.


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Many doctors/owners have achieved their objective of reducing labor costs (direct wages and employee benefits) by either hiring workers as independent contractors or terminating existing employees and rehiring them as independent contractors.


by SodaPopKid - 10 months ago