Is it legal to copy a product and reproduce it and sell it.?

I'm getting into gunsmithing and as being a machinist, I can easily copy and reproduce things. I was wondering what I would have to do to legally copy/recreate certain rifle (besides FFL and State legislation/restrictions). Being a little more specific I'm going to reproduce Russian military rifles.

P.S. I'm a law abiding citizen, never been arrested, or convicted of a crime, and have a concealed carry permit.
Side note, I would like to know how many companies can make ar-15's also I have no idea about copyrights of soviet/russian military rifles.
On that additional detail, I meant, I would like to know how *so many companies can make...

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Making refile reproductions of guns that are older then 30 years should be fine. No one from the solviet union is going to hunt you down.

However if the product is copyrighted or name is trademarked then you might have to get a licence from the proper owner.You could them "under the radar" - meaning only make a few a month and sell them friends and family. However you if start making hundred of them each month, the owners of the copyright could find out and sue you for monetary damages.

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If someone has a copyright, you cannot duplicate it. Do the research to avoid breaking the law on each item.

by Leo D - 10 months ago