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    Ebay seller troubles, Can anything actually happen to me? PLEASE HELP!!!?

    I bought a pair of air jordans on ebay for over $300. The seller ships the shoes, and when I received them they are a completely different shoe than what is listed in the ad. They weren't authentic at all, and futhermore they were used (I ordered the shoes new). I opened a claim a requested a refund. The seller requested I return the item for a refund so I did. The seller then gave me a refund once I provided a tracking number. I tracked the package, and the shoes were returned to the seller safely. A day after the seller had received the shoes, he messages me saying that he will sue me and open a police report because those weren't the shoes he sent me. Like WTF??? I reurned the package exactly as I got it!!! Can he actually do that?? Am I being scammed?? what should I do?? Any feedback would be great!! Thanks!! P.S. I called ebay and paypal and both said don't worry about it, but idk
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    You have nothing to worry about. The seller can file a claim with the police, but there is nothing they can do either. If he wants to sue you, it will cost him time and money and most importantly, he would have to be able to prove that the shoes which left his warehouse were different than those you sent back. Unless he took time/date stamped photos as he packed the shoes, no way to prove it and this, no case. I've sold on eBay since 1996. Sold a $4000 baseball card to a guy. He shipped an empty plastic baseball card holder back to me claiming he returned the item. PayPal refunded him automatically since he provided a tracking number. When I called my eBay rep, he told me my only option was to file a report with the police. I did, but they are busy solving murders and crimes, not helping eBay sellers find their missing baseball cards. In short, nothing happened to him.
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