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    I am very patient, but, I can get so frustrated. How to deal with frustration?

    I work with family members and I often have to make decisions and give advice and suggestions. Sometimes I think family members get angry or act immature as opposed to a non-family member colleague. Plus everyone expects so much from me and expects me to fix it when they have trouble. How do I deal with my frustrations?
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    Man, something that I have always been against is working with family period. Just because they are family doesn't mean that they are great to work with. My suggestion is that you need to be straight forward with them. Be direct, speak your mind. If the problem can be handled by them, then tell them to handle it themselves. A little tough love can do a world of good. Being patient is fine but some people mistake it for weakness. Plus the work environment mixed with family is chaotic. So go easy on yourself and take time away from them both. Being alone for a little while will clear up your mind and bring down the stress level.
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