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    If you owned a business in a downtown area would you pay $5 to have your panel windows cleaned?

    I am thinking of starting a little side business cleaning windows in my local downtown. Do you think people(shop owners) will buy into this if its quality work with a professional vibe? I'm thinking of using uniforms and business cards along with professional tools for the work..
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    I probably would be willing to pay that, yes. I would also plan to watch how you do your job the first few times. I don't need any broken windows or safety issues for my customers. (To be completely honest, I think your price is too cheap. Somewhat gives me doubts as to how professional you really are at this. Which kind of leads me to something else. I probably *wouldn't* hire you unless you showed me proof that you have your own liability insurance. I don't need *my* insurance rates going up due to a random unexpected accident that wasn't caused by me or my employees.) Side businesses are great ... yours sounds a little risky ... and I bet most business owners would want you to have liability insurance to do such jobs. So I guess I sort of backtracked on my original answer. "Do you have insurance?" If your answer is "Yes", then my answer is: "Yes, let's try out your service." If your answer is "No, I don't have insurance", then my answer is: "No thanks."
    2 years ago

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