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    How do you sell with an auction on eBay?

    Hi, I've put up a few items on eBay for an auction (selling them). So far, I have a bid! Do I now wait until the end of the time left to bid, or do I give it to the first person? It is a stupid question, I know, but I DO NOT want a bad review for taking too long or something. Everything else I know, but I do not want to keep people waiting!
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    You can do either, but if you want a higher price then you should wait. Heres how it works - You set up auction for 7 days or how many every days you want to. Then person with that highest bid after those 7 days would get that item. People can't give you a bad review or a good review until the auction ends and the person has paid.
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    • If you don't want people to wait, offer Buy It Now or do fixed-price listings.

      by GinoParisian - 17 hours ago

    • The point of an auction is to see how high it will go in a set amount of time. It sounds like you may be more comfortable selling with a Buy it now, or best offer type approach. I don't mess with auction. I am straight up buy it now. Of course people can email me if they want to make an offer, other than that just sit back and wait. You may want to try that.

      by love in siberia - 17 hours ago

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