can I use my car to start a prviate ambulance company with rewards program?

Like some ppl just have bad health or bad luck and regualrly need to call 911 for getting drive to the hospital and everytime they get charged a ton for the transport fees so I was thinking that as a serrvice to the community and as a way to get rich i could clean all of the mess off of my backseat of my car and put sick people there and drive them to the hospital when theycall me saying that they need to go. i could like charge the standard ambulance fee but after like three trips to the hosptial they'd get 1 free or something like that and once i have enough money i can swtich from the 2-ddoor sedan that i have now to a pickup trruck or something so that i could even begin transporting more than one at a time and then maybe someday way down the road i could compete with the air-ambulance companies that the hosptials use so that the industry will be more effieicnet with more players in the game. this is a 2 year plan mostly.

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Maybe, but it seems like a legal nightmare. Licensing would be tough. Also, you could have lawsuits if someone dies in your car (possibility). Personally I wouldn't do it.

10 months ago

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not in the US; many many regulations against that
do it in Mexico!!!

by kemperk - 10 months ago

Do you have any medical training or supplies? Ambulances are highly regulated and have long lists of equipment you are required to carry (like a stretcher, defibrillator, spine boards, oxygen, etc) as well everyone working in your "ambulance" has to be a state licensed EMT or Paramedic, so I don't know how you think driving people around in your car will compete with an Air Evac Helicopter ...


by T - 10 months ago