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    Hired lazy collage student help?

    Ok so we hired a dude fresh out of college n this kid is lazy, he supposedly has a major in management or something like that.we work for pipe n plumbing so we're always threading pipe or cutting for shipping but this kid is lazy he can't remember any of the bins for all of our fittings,he takes his sweet time at everything, can't run a forklift, does stuff backwards n he makes simple projects so complicated, I always have to show him quicker ways ,he's been here about 2 months. please are all collage kids this retarded when it comes to labor n hard work I learned the ropes my first 3 weeks n I'm a 9 grade drop out forklift certified?
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    Being lazy is a personality trait for him it has nothing to do with his education or intelligence. If he doesn't do the job properly give him one warning and if he doesn't heed the warning fire him. Its a life lesson he needs to learn if he ever wants to get anywhere in life. Then hire someone willing and able to do the job properly.
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    • (He probably smokes a lot of pot) Tell him to shape up or he's fired. College kids are desperate for money (trust me, I know.) so being fired is actually pretty terrifying.

      by Athena xo - a day ago

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